Who is this course for?: 

It is almost inevitable to use VIEWS module if you are going to create a Drupal website of substancial Magnitude. Therefore this module is for all those who want to master views module of Drupal to be able to complex and amazing Drupal Websites


After taking this course, students can be able generate reports, create summaries, and display collections of images and other content in any format they would like with immense ease. They can even base the whole of their website on VIEWS content .

Course Timings

15:00 HOURS Asia/Karachi
16:00 HOURS Asia/Karachi
Course Duration: 
8 Hours
Course Level: 
5,500 PKR

VIEWS is Drupal's most amazing and mostly used module used to create content listings from the data in the database .It can be termed as Visual SQL Query Builder of Drupal Content . There can be tons of usage examples of how views can be used to create complex Drupal Websites. This course is all about Views usage in Drupal.

  • What is VIEWS?
  • Overview of the Interface
  • Selecting Which Fields to show
  • Data Displays in Views
  • Data Style
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Contexual Filters
  • Relationships
  • Views Rewriting of Fields
  • Attachment Displays
  • Views Theming
  • VIEWS Slideshow Module
  • Views Slideshow Theming
  • VIEWS tips and tricks
  • Practical--Creating a list of related content
  • Practical--Creating a list of content from the same author


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