Who is this course for?: 
  • All those who want to start building Data driven websites in PHP.

After this course participants will be able to build complex php based websites.

Course Timings

15:00 HOURS Asia/Karachi
16:00 HOURS Asia/Karachi
Course Duration: 
14 Hours
Course Level: 
8,000 PKR

PHP is the most popular server side programming language to build dynamic websites. It is usually coupled with MySQL...the open source database management system. In this course participants will learn how to create data driven dynamic websites. Course  will cover the basics of PHP language and its interaction with the MySQL Database


Introduction to PHP

  1. What is PHP?
  2. WAMP installation

Datatypes in PHP

  1. Variables
  2. Strings
  3. Integers
  4. Floating Points
  5. Arrays
  6. Boolean and NULL
  7. Contants
  8. Type Switching and casting

Logical Expressions and Loops

  1. IF , ELSE and ELSEIF Statements
  2. SWITCH Statement
  3. Logical Operations
  4. FOR Loop
  5. While and Do while loops
  6. Continue and Break statements
  7. Foreach Loop


  1. What are functions
  2. Why functions?
  3. Returning Values from a function
  4. Scope of variables
  5. Global Variables
  6. Setting Default Parameters in Functions

Building Pages with the help of PHP

  1. Links and URLs
  2. Passing Variables from one page to another via GET AND POST
  3. Encoding GET Values and HTML
  4. FORMS
  5. Sessions
  6. Page Redirects
  7. Including and Require Once

Introduction to MySQL Database

  1. MySQL introduction
  2. PhpMyadmin
  3. Introduction to SQL
  4. Select,insert,update,delete statements
  5. JOINs
  6. Connecting to MySQL from PHP

Creating a Mini Website having and Admin Panel

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