Who is this course for?: 
  • For absolute beginners who want to adopt a web designing and development career
  • For those who want to strengthen their CSS skills


  • Sound foundation for web designers to build websites.
  • Sound CSS skills

Course Timings

15:00 HOURS Asia/Karachi
Course Duration: 
12 Hours
Course Level: 
7,000 PKR

HTML & CSS are the absolute basics of Web Design and Development. This course covers both HTML AND CSS . We will first go through the internals of HTML and CSS and then take a fireworks design into HTML i.e PNG to HTML.



  • Introduction to HTML
  • The many different HTML tags
  • Attributes


  • Introduction to CSS
  • Selectors
  • IDs and Classes
  • Cascading in CSS
  • Box Model
  • Creating some basic Styles
  • Grid Systems
  • Introduction to Grid System

Creating a design in Fireworks and converting it into HTML

  • Introduction to Adobe Fireworks
  • Creating a mockup in Fireworks
  • Converting it into HTML and CSS via

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