Drupal Module Development

Who is this course for?: 
  • Those who want to built custom modules in Drupal
  • Those who want to use Drupal as a PHP framework
  • Those who want to do code based customizations in Drupal
  • You will become a Drupal Super Hero with this course
  • You will be able to do custom coding in Drupal to build complex modules
Course Duration: 
18 Hours
Course Level: 

Drupal.org has tons of modules which you can download and use. But if you want to know the Drupal framework and want to use it not only as a CMS but as a PHP framework as well and want to build custom drupal modules then this course is for you. We will start with writing a simple module and move to writing a complex module using different Drupal APIs.

  • Introduction to Drupal Modules
  • Creating our First Module
  • The Drupal Menu System
  • Working with Databases(CRUD)
  • Working with Users and Permissions
  • Theme System
  • Form API
  • Using JQuery in Drupal
  • Writing Secure Code
  • Development Best Practices

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