Drupal for Absolute Beginners

Who is this course for?: 
  • All those who want to built powerful websites with ease.
  • All those who want to start a career in Drupal Website Development
  • All those who want to adopt Drupal for their living.

After taking this course, student will have entered the world of Drupal. He/She will be able to build powerful websites.

Course Duration: 
12 Hours
Course Level: 

Students in this course will be introduced to the basics of Drupal. We will go through all the core capabilities of Drupal. No prior knowledge of Web development or programming is required.

  • What is Drupal?
  • Why Drupal?
  • Downloading and Installing Drupal
  • Creating and Managing content
  • Drupal Blocks
  • Categorizing Content via taxonomy
  • Creating Menus
  • Creating Users and user management
  • Downloading and installing themes
  • Downloading and Installing Modules
  • Must have Modules
  • Core Drupal Modules(Blog,Forum,Poll,Aggregate)
  • Introduction to Views
  • Introduction to Panels
  • Putting it all together..Building a small school website
  • Launching website


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