Building a Beautiful Job Board in Drupal 7

Who is this course for?: 
  • All those who want their Drupal Websites done the right way
  • Those who want to develop job boards for themselves and their organizations
  • For those who want to leverage Drupal's power in building complex websites.
  1. Participants will be able to start buiding powerful Drupal Websites with ease
  2. They will know how to streamline Drupal Webdevelopment Procedures.
Course Duration: 
12 Hours
Course Level: 

One may know so many things in Drupal yet building and streamlining a website the right way is an art in itself.Also many a times there can be more than one way of doing things and problem solving, so the flexibility of Drupal may prove bit of a jinx in building websites.We will build a Job Board Website from scratch in Drupal which will basically utilize our existing Drupal Site Building and theme Development skills.A Must for those who want full fledged websites built with ease in Drupal..

  • A go through of different job board websites for inspirations and examining the requirements
  • Documenting Requirements
  • Examining the required contributed modules
  • Creating the site architecture
  • Laying the site user management infrastructure
  • Creating Views for different portions of the site
  • Creating the Design Mockup in Fireworks
  • Using Omega theme to convert the Mockup into HTML
  • Testing the Website
  • Launching the website

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